You Have a Voice

Did you know that you can suggest improvements or vote on someone else’s ideas for improving Configuration Manager and Intune? I’m sure most of you do, but did you also know that you can vote on other product improvement ideas that have a direct impact on ConfigMgr and Intune? Yes, you have a voice! In this blog post, I talk about what an ideas page is, how many votes you get, and some of the hidden (but important) improvements that you should be voting for in order to make your life as an IT admin easier.

What Is an Ideas Page?

An ideas page is a website where anyone can submit ideas to the product team. Submitting ideas to a central site also allows others to see and vote on product improvements. Once an idea is submitted, the product team reviews each one and discusses them internally, so you most likely won’t see their deliberations. By the way, Microsoft isn’t the only company with ideas pages for their products. Many organizations encourage this type of feedback on their sites too.

Sometimes ideas pages are called UserVoice pages (UserVoice is a brand name) or feedback pages (SQL Server uses this name), but in a nutshell, whether it’s an ideas page, a feedback page or a UserVoice page, they all do the same thing!

You Have a Voice - Enhansoft Ideas Page

How Does the Product Team Choose the Ideas It Works On?

The Magic 8-Ball decides! Okay, all jokes aside, there are NO hard and fast rules about what ideas are worked on and which ones aren’t. Generally, the suggestions with the highest numbers of votes are the ones that the product teams work on. If there is an idea for an improvement, however, that can be done in a few minutes and the product team likes it, they will work on it even if the idea has ZERO votes!

You Have a Voice, so Where Are All the Ideas Pages?

Below is a list of ideas pages where you can either submit an idea or vote for one. I also show you how many votes you get for each site.

ConfigMgr – 10 Votes

Intune – 15 Votes

Power BI – Unlimited

SQL Server – Unlimited

Enhansoft – 20 Votes

Patch My PC – 10 Votes

Tips for Submitting Ideas

Here are a few tips for submitting product improvement ideas.

• Talk about the benefit to you.
• Talk about the benefit to others.
• Discuss how this idea can save on time, effort or soft/hard dollars.
• Provide a detailed example.
• If you feel it is really important, share the link to your idea and ask others to vote for it!

Tips for Reviewing Ideas

• Vote for items that you want!
• Even if you are out of votes, make sure that you comment on the idea. This adds your voice to the improvement without having to use a vote.
• Subscribe to the idea. This is helpful because if anyone updates the idea, you can see its status.
• Similar to my tip about submitting ideas, if you feel that the one you’re reviewing is really important, share the link and ask others to vote for it!

Ideas You Should Consider

The list of ideas that I think you should consider voting for is very LONG, so what I plan to do is to tell you about one or two ideas a week over the next several weeks starting with today. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. First, it would be too much to list all of them in one blog post. Second, I don’t just want it to be all about my wish list. I want to hear from you about what ideas are important to YOU! See the “Final Comments” section about how you can do that.

To kick off my list, below is one suggestion from each ideas page that I think you should vote for and, more importantly, I explain WHY!


Idea: Allow users to have more than 10 votes on UserVoice

Why It’s Important: The reason why I chose this one first is NOT because of the 10-vote limit. It is because once you use up your votes, you can’t submit new ideas until you have one vote back. This inevitably means that you must unvote for something, create your new idea, comment on it in order to follow its status and then unvote it. Next, you need to go back and vote for the item you unvoted just to create your new idea. Doesn’t that seem like a lot of extra steps?

You may have noticed that I have lots of ideas with zero votes. This isn’t because they aren’t important, it’s because I had to use my votes on MORE important items. All I want to do is give the product team more useful improvement ideas. It would be nice to be able to create new ideas without having to do all of these additional steps!


Idea: Inventory more often than every 7 days

Why It’s Important: Every SEVEN days. Do I need to say anything more?

SQL Server (SSRS)

Idea: Email now button for SSRS subscriptions

Why It’s Important: How many times have you generated a report, which could take up to several minutes, only to find out that you need to email the exact same report to your Manager or a group? Wouldn’t it be handy to click on a button and email the report to them?

Power BI

Idea: Enable many to many relationships

Why It’s Important: Currently, Power BI Report Server only allows for a relationship of one to many, but within Configuration Manager numerous items have multiple rows. It becomes nuts trying to link a multiple row item to a single row item and then link it, again, to yet another multiple row item. In the end, after adding dataset after dataset, it slows down a Power BI Report Server report even in a small environment! Instead, it would be simpler to link items directly (many to many) just like you can in SSRS.

Our Power BI Report Developer, Leonard, says that this is his number one Power BI issue. Wait until you see what’s next on his issues list! He’s going to tweet about that one next week.


Idea: Usage Reporting for SSRS

Why It’s Important: Do you know what ConfigMgr reports are being used? Do you know if all of the reports are working fast? Although this has nothing to do directly with ConfigMgr performance, it is a great troubleshooting report!

Patch My PC

Idea: DUO Security Client

Why It’s Important: Staying on top of the latest version of DUO Security Client is difficult at best, so if it was available as a product within Patch My PC, it would save IT Admins a lot of time and effort.

Final Comments

As I said already, “You have a voice!” Going forward, I plan to select one or two ideas each week that I think you should know about. Please take the time to review each one, and if you think the idea is worthy of your vote, PLEASE, vote for it! Help make your voice heard!

Did I miss an idea that YOU think is beneficial? If so, send me the link to the idea, your Twitter handle and tell me why this idea is important to you. I will add it to my list. Please use the Techtalk email listed on Enhansoft’s Contact page. Together we can make changes by voting for the ideas that will help us get the most out of ConfigMgr and Intune.

You Have a Voice - Enhansoft Ideas Page

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