Which SSRS Report Will Become November’s Free Report?

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Help choose Enhansoft’s next free SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report for the Month of November.
The choices are: Count of PCs by Wakeup Types OR Package Action Details
a) Count of PCs by Wakeup Types, as its name suggests, returns a count of PCs by wakeup type.  This is important to know because it allows you to understand how the PCs within your environment are turned on. This can be significant, for example, if you have not had a recent power outage, but you find that a lot of your PCs are “AC Power Restored.” This could be an indication that these PCs are not being used.
Count of PCs by Wakeup Types
In the full-feature set, this report will drill through to List of PCs by Wakeup Type, which in turn will drill through to a further report, Computer System Details.
b)      Package Action Details provides you with detailed information about specific package actions (Create, Edit, and Delete) taken within your environment. This report allows you to see what packages (including package IDs) were created, edited or deleted, and who performed these actions. You choose which action is depicted in the report.
Package Action Details
In the full-feature set, this report is the final drill through report from Package Metric Dashboard.
Don’t forget to contact Info at Enhansoft to request October’s free SSRS report, List of PCs by Installed Year and Month.
If you would like to suggest future SSRS report give-aways, please email ewrwish at Enhansoft with your ideas.

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