What’s New With Warranty Information Reporting – WIR?

Warranty Information Reporting – WIR now fully integrates with both SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007.
Why should you care about the warranty status of your PCs?
To start, Windows XP exits all support, including monthly security patches, April 2014, so you can use WIR to determine which PCs are still under warranty and can be upgraded to Windows 7 instead of being replaced.
Do you know how many PCs in your organization are using XP and are still under warranty?
As well, knowing when PCs are coming out of warranty allows you to more accurately plan your refresh cycles.
With WIR you can instantly know the service level, the expiry date, and the status of each PC’s (desktop, laptop, notebook, & server on the network) warranty.
No more going onsite to record all of this information!
WIR Features:
– Automated Warranty Inventory
– Accurate Reporting
– Drill Through Reports
– Collect Warranty End Dates
– Collect Warranty Service Levels
To see how quickly you can get data about your PC/Server warranties view the WIR video.
Sample Screenshot:
Count of PCs by Warranty Range
Sample Screenshot:
List of PCs by Warranty Range

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