What Makes a Good SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Base Template?

The simple answer is there is no simple answer. However, what we find is that you can narrow it down to these steps:

·         Pick a color theme. With the Enhansoft template, we use red and silver to mimic our logo.

·         Pick a font. Be careful, though, because there are issues with some fonts that don’t always look the same in Report Builder as they do in PDF, Excel, and the SSRS site itself.

·         Determine which page size you are creating the template for letter, legal, ledger or custom.

·         Create a header.

·         Create a footer.

·         Add your logo to the template with a URL.

·         Add page numbering if appropriate.

·         Add the date and time. This is particularly important if the report will be printed.

It sounds so simple and it is (sort of) you just have to watch out for the “gotchas,” for example, fonts and page sizes.

Now get to it and write some cool SSRS reports!

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