What is the Official Acronym of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager?


Have you ever wondered why Microsoft never uses the acronym SCCM when talking about System Center 2012 Configuration Manager? The answer is simple:  the acronym SCCM is owned by the Society of Critical Care Medicine www.sccm.org. If you look at their website you will notice that SCCM does the following:

“Critical care evolved from an historical recognition that the needs of patients with acute, life-threatening illness or injury could be better treated if they were grouped into specific areas of the hospital.”

Now you can understand why Microsoft doesn’t use SCCM as the official acronym of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager or System Center Configuration Manager 2007.

So, what will be the official acronym of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager?

The official acronym of System Center Configuration Manager 2007 is ConfigMgr, so you would think that the new acronym for 2012 would be ConfigMgr12. However, I’m hearing that System Center ConfigMgr 2012 will be the shortened version officially sanctioned by Microsoft. Boy is that a mouthful or what?

Why am I telling you this?

Well, many of the Configuration Manager MVPs have stopped using the SCCM acronym altogether and they are now using CM12. In many of the documents that I have created for consulting gigs I use text similar to the following to help remove any doubt as to what we are talking about. 

Notice to Reader

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007’s official Microsoft acronym is ConfigMgr.  However, in many circles, the acronym used is SCCM.  We will attempt to use ConfigMgr throughout this document.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager’s official Microsoft acronym has not been announced as of this writing.  However, in many circles, the acronyms used are: SCCM, SCCM12, CM12, ConfigMgr12.  We will use CM12 throughout this document as a means to reduce any confusion when talking about either product.

CM12 works for me, so it gets my vote!

Long Live CM12!

VOTE HERE for your favorite acronym.

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