What is IT Asset?

Have you ever wondered what your company is truly worth? Maybe you have a list of your physical assets or the cash flow but you don't have a list of your IT assets. Maybe that’s because you don’t know what they are.

What is an IT Asset?

IT Asset An IT asset is any type of asset a company has that relates to software or Hardware, basically anything within an information technology setting. Many companies today focus on the physical assets like desks, company property, or stocks and they forget about the technology-based assets that might even be more valuable.

In general, an asset is anything that could be useful or valuable for an individual or a company. Managers oversee these assets and replace things when they break down or are no longer valuable, keep tabs on how many assets they have, and replace assets with better versions when necessary.

In the world of Information Technology, this process is much the same way. Software eventually becomes outdated and rendered obsolete when new software reaches the market. Hardware breaks down much the same as a stapler breaks down over time. Technological systems stop being effective when licenses and security updates are not regularly installed. For this reason, companies need to be more aware of what information technology assets they have and develop clear policies internally for keeping track of these things and making sure they are as current as possible. 

Who uses IT Assets?

So who uses technologically based assets? Literally everyone.

Every company has some sort of IT asset whether it is:

  • the physical computers on which they conduct their accounts or email their customers, 

  • the printers they use in the office to make copies of invoices,

  • the servers they have in their office to store old Case Files instead of storing physical files in the basement, 

  • the cloud storage they use for employment records, 

  • the mobile devices given to different employees in addition to the software and applications downloaded on those mobile devices for work purposes, 

  • the software, proprietary or third-party, used by companies to send marketing emails, keep track of sales ratios, review annual budgets, and much more.

Medical hardware, software, and Cloud integration

Psychiatrists, therapists, doctors and hospitals are all responsible for a great deal of personally identifying information and multiple types of cloud-based services that allow doctors to access patient files wherever they are from their mobile device, and that mobile devices are usually issued by the company. The same institutions utilize different hardware within the offices to store records and of course different software to facilitate communication with multiple medical institutions. All of this is considered an IT asset.

Legal software integration

In the legal industry there are many different organizations that work together and share information. A data based background search company might filter information from half-a-dozen legal databases for a particular individual and then supply that information to the law firm representing that individual. Multiple types of software might be used to share this information and then store it within different organizations but having software integration makes it easier for companies that use third-party products to use the same software for all of the information no matter where it comes from.

Legal software security

Software Security Law firms have to ensure that the software they use is secure. Much of the software used by legal companies including investigative firms, third party organizations that provide background searches, and law firms all contained proprietary and personally identifying information. It is incumbent upon the companies that have access to this information to make sure that data remains secure when it is loaded to Company software.

Casino Game Software Integration 

Casino companies, especially those operating entirely online, utilize casino game software integration as a technological asset to keep track of all of the different games provided to customers, especially when those games come from a wide array of different software developers. It's quite common for online casinos to have a large catalog of games from a handful of different providers and as such casino game software integration is incredibly important for ensuring that all of these games from different providers work to the same degree of success for their users and can be managed under the same umbrella.

Casino Game Software Security

Casino Brands like you find in a7la bet website use software security in order to protect their IT assets. This type of security is just as important as what a financial company would use to protect its cloud-based services or software. It is also just as legally important as it is for the legal industry or the medical industry when it comes to protecting personally identifying information.

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