What is in My Laptop Bag?

Awhile back, I posted a tweet that my laptop bag broke. Truth be told, it was the zipper to the main compartment. Finally I replaced it with a “new” one and since I had to move everything from one bag into another, I thought that I would show you what is in my bag today. In the image below you’ll see my old laptop bag on the left and my new bag on the right. Yes, the bag on the right is from MMS 2008!

I have a lot of stuff, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Headphones
  • Two Wi-Fi sticks
  • Cables!
  • USB hub
  • Portable UBS power supply
  • Notebook
  • Business cards
  • HDMI cable to allow me to watch Netflix on hotel TVs.
  • PowerBar – for those times when I get hungry.

You might be wondering, where is my laptop? When this photo was taken it was sitting in the docking station at my desk. What’s in your laptop bag? Send me a tweet @GarthMJ #Whatinthebag

What is in my Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag Contents

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