Watch How EAM Works!

Enhanced Asset Management Suite – EAM fully integrates with SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007.
EAM is an automated inventory retrieval product which uses ConfigMgr. With over 100 SSRS reports that you can run about your IT hardware assets, software assets, and SCCM metrics data.
EAM includes:
Warranty Information Reporting – WIR (PC/Server warranty information to help you plan refresh cycles)
Monitor Information Reporting – MIR (PC monitor information to help you inventory your monitors)
Enhanced Web Reporting – EWR (100+ SSRS reports detailing other hardware and software assets, plus SCCM metrics)
See how EAM works:
View WIR video
View MIR video
View EWR video
Sample Screenshot of WIR Report:
Count of PCs by Warranty Range
Sample Screenshot of MIR Report:
List of Monitors by Active State
Sample Screenshot of EWR Report:
Computer Software Update Status

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