Wanted: More Monitor Information Reporting – MIR Version 4 Beta Testers

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We are rolling out a new version of Monitor Information Reporting – MIR and we’re looking for beta testers.
Curious about how MIR works? Visit our website to read MORE about MIR Version 4 and how to download it from our website.
During the beta program you’ll have an opportunity to tell us how to improve MIR and you’ll be able to take part in our survey.
MIR Version 4 is compatible with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center Configuration Manager 2007.
Here’s a sample of some of the reports you will be able to run:
Count of Monitor States will show you the total number of “Real,” “True,” and “False” monitor states within your organization:
Count of Monitor States
Drill through from this report to List of Monitors by Active State which will give you an accurate report of which monitors are in each category:
List of Monitors by Active State
From this report you can drill through to List of Monitors for a PC which tells you how many monitors are associated with a particular PC:
List of Monitors for a PC
Finally, you can drill through from the above report to Computer Monitor Details to find specific information, for example power management options, about a particular monitor.
Computer Monitor Details
For more information contact MIR4Beta at Enhansoft.

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