Want to Edit Reports Using ConfigMgr 2012 Report Editor?

By Garth Jones

A good friend of mine asked me the other day if I had a RBA security role for Report Editor.

I’m sure that I used one before, but for whatever reason I couldn’t find it, so I created a new one! Here’s the download.

In a nutshell this security role is an exact duplicate of the Report Reader ConfigMgr security role I created not too long ago, but for Report Editor. The Edit Report security option is enabled for each instance.

This will allow you to edit and/or download existing reports from ConfigMgr. However, what this does NOT do is grant your users access to the ConfigMgr database. You will still need to give them access to SQL, so I recommend granting your users db_datareader rights to the ConfigMgr database. This will allow them access to query the database, BUT they will NOT be able to edit anything.

For details on how to import this security role, please see the following blog post How to Import a RBA Security Role.


Want to Edit Reports Using ConfigMgr 2012 Report Editor

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