Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports

By Garth Jones

The other day, I wanted to know my servers’ free disk space availability. However, when I ran the built-in ConfigMgr report, Computers with low free disk space (less than specified % free), no results appeared.

Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports-No Results 

Then I remembered that starting with ConfigMgr 2012, the free disk space attribute is not enabled by default, so you need to enable it! Thankfully, it’s a simple process.

All of the screenshots below are from my ConfigMgr Current Branch lab.

Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports-Properties 

Open the ConfigMgr console, select the Administration work area, select Client Settings, right-click on Default Client Settings and then select Properties.

Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports-Set Classes

Select the Hardware Inventory node and then click on the Set Classes… button.

Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports-Free Space

Locate the Logical Disk class and then select the Free Space (MB) attribute. Click the OK button twice in order to return to the console.

Now the report will work, but keep in mind that you will have to wait for a hardware inventory cycle to occur before using the report again.

Troubleshooting Disk Space Reports-Results

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