Top 10 Configuration Manager Posts in 2019

With the end of 2019 in sight, I thought it would be useful to look back and see what posts were the most popular this year. After reviewing the posts, I ended up creating three Top 10 lists. One list is specifically for Configuration Manager posts (SCCM/MEMCM/Intune), one is for Configuration Manager reporting tips (Power BI, SSRS and SQL Server) and the last list shows our most popular Configuration Manager-related posts.

I hope you find these lists handy for quick reference, or in case you missed a post or two along the way, you can see what blog posts others found helpful in 2019.

Configuration Manager Posts - Top 10

Top 10 Configuration Manager Posts (SCCM/MEMCM/Intune) in 2019

This year’s list has a number of what I would call troubleshooting posts. There are also a couple of posts that focus on installation procedures. I found it interesting that the post about how to troubleshoot hardware inventory issues wasn’t first on the list anymore. It’s now #6. I guess many companies are proactively troubleshooting issues and getting things fixed-up sooner rather than later, so that’s great!

1. How to Install a SCCM Reporting Services Point

2. How to Test Your MP to Confirm If It Is Healthy

3. How to Create a SQL Server Computer Account Login

4. How to Collect Free Disk Space Data in SCCM

5. How to Add the Intune Service Administrator Directory Role to a User Account

6. Troubleshoot ConfigMgr Hardware Inventory Issues

7. How to Increase the Maximum Files Size of Management Information Files (MIF)

8. SCCM Software Inventory

9. Using PowerShell to Uninstall Applications

10. How to Setup, Configure and Use SCCM’s Asset Intelligence

What blog post topics are missing from this list? Make your suggestions via our social media links below.

Top 10 SCCM/MEMCM Reporting Blog Posts in 2019

Last year, there weren’t that many posts about reporting tips in the Top 10, but this year there were, so I felt that reporting deserved its own list! The popularity of the posts on this list also proves to me how under-used reporting is within SCCM/MEMCM and how admins want to learn more, whether it’s reporting with SSRS or Power BI.

1. How to Change the Page Measurements and Paper Size of a SSRS Report

2. How to Start Editing SCCM Reports with Report Builder

3. Adding a Calculated Column to a Power BI Table

4. How Can I Install Report Builder?

5. How to Change the AutoRefresh Time on a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report

6. How Do I Hide the Toolbar When Running My Reports?

7. How to Grant Permission to a Single SCCM SSRS Report

8. Getting Started with Power BI Desktop and SCCM

9. Never Leave Your SQL Server Database in Full Recovery Model without a Backup

10. What Are the Supported SQL Server Views to Use with SCCM Reporting?

What posts could I write in 2020 that would help you get a better understanding of how to create your own reports and dashboards? Do you have a report idea? If so, please feel free to suggest it on Enhansoft’s ideas page:

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Top 10 Configuration Manager-Related Posts in 2019

What I found interesting about this list was that there was a fair amount of change from last year’s list, but the AVMA license keys post was still #1. By the way, I haven’t updated it to include the Windows 2019 keys, but stay tuned because it is on my “to-do” list!

1. AVMA License Keys for Windows Server 2016

2. How Do I Enable SQL Server Agent Service?

3. How to Troubleshoot Miracast When Using Windows 10

4. How to Install SQL Server Integration Services Tools

5. How Do You Install SQL Server Data Tools?

6. How to Compact and Shrink the Size of a VHD File

7. Does SQL Server Database Compatibility Level Matter?

8. Canon Scanner – Unable to Open TWAIN Source

9. How to Define the Size of a SQL Server Database 

10. How to Shut Down VMs and Restart a Hyper-V Server When You Can’t Logon

Configuration Manager Posts - Blog

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