To the Cloud and Beyond. Backup!!!

Recently, I was called to work out at a client’s office. One of their IT people had left the company and there were questions as to whether or not everything was being backed-up.

Sure enough while reviewing their environment, I noticed that the Windows backup was not working. I tried to get it going, but it wasn’t going to happen. Plus, the other challenge we faced was that their QNAP wasn’t big enough to store all of their data.

Normally I would advise backing up data to the cloud, but their data couldn’t be stored on a public cloud.

What to do? What software could I recommend for this small company?

I spoke to my colleague, Garth Jones, and he reminded me that Veeam has backup software. I actually hadn’t thought about them because I think of them more for enterprise backups and as I said before this client is a small business.

Back in March, Garth presented at a MVP roadshow with Clint Wyckoff (@ClintWyckoff). Clint’s a Veeam Global Technical Evangelist and a Microsoft CDM MVP. Garth arranged a call with him, so that I could get the right backup for my client. Clint was great! Within five minutes he (via Garth) pointed me to Veeam’s free backup software called, Veeam Endpoint Backup. That’s all I needed for my client.

First I backed-up one VM and some data files. Next, I installed the agent within two VMs. One did a full VM backup and the other did only files. This setup only took a few minutes to configure, however, the backup itself took a lot longer to complete.

Once the client purchased a new QNAP with a ton of storage, I pointed the Veeam Endpoint Backup to the new QNAP. Both VMs were fully backed-up, so life’s good. This software isn’t an enterprise backup solution, but in the case of my client it was a great cost-effective find!

Thanks Clint for the suggestion!

To the Cloud and Beyond - Backup

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