The UPS and Downs – Shutting Down a Server

Setting-up Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) software is a fairly simple process, but if you have virtual machines (VMs) you have to take some extra care.

If the UPS is set to shut down too soon there may not be enough time to turn off the VMs. As a result, the server might hang while trying to shut them down. Another factor to consider is that if you have too many VMs you might run out of battery power.

In our lab we are running CyberPower UPS Systems which uses PowerPanel Business Edition software to manage them.

First thing you should do is to figure out how much time the batteries will last before they run out. Will there be enough time to shut down all of the VMs and turn off the server in time? To do this, we can look at the Status of the UPS. You can see below that the Remaining Runtime of the battery will last about 34 minutes before it is drained.

The UPS and Downs – Shutting Down a Server-Status

In the Event Action node you can see all events, set-up recipient email information and configure your settings.

The UPS and Downs – Shutting Down a Server-Events

These settings are all configurable based on your needs. When an event is triggered, an e-mail notification can be sent off to a recipient e-mail address, but before that can happen, you need to setup the recipient information.

The UPS and Downs – Shutting Down a Server-Recipient

In the Recipient section above, I have setup an e-mail address that will receive notifications.

The UPS and Downs – Shutting Down a Server-Settings

In the Settings section, I set the shutdown time to be 15 minutes and I also set the UPS not to turn off. This should give us as much battery time as possible to let all of the VMs shut down safely.

In the E-mail section I setup an e-mail address to be the sender of notifications when an event occurs. These will be sent to the recipient email address which I previously mentioned.

Every environment is different. The above settings are what I decided to demonstrate for this post and are specific to my situation.

Properly configuring your UPS settings from the start will help to minimize your downs and give you ample time to save your work.

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