The Importance of Prompt Formatting in ConfigMgr Reporting

By Garth Jones

I was working on a report created by someone else. Everything was going along smoothly until I received the following error message:

Prompt Formatting-Error Message

“An error occurred during local report processing. An unexpected error occurred in Report Processing. Input string was not in correct format.”

To make sure that I didn’t miss anything I re-tested the dataset and I received the expected results.

Prompt Formatting-Dataset

What could the error mean? The key to me was the word, “format,” so I checked out the Reporting Parameters page. While there I noticed that the Data type (red arrow) for the prompt was set to Integer. Simply by changing the data type to String solved my problem.

This is an example of the little things that will cause headaches when you update reports, so watch your prompt formats.

Prompt Formatting-Report Parameters

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