System32 Directory Error

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By Suzanne Tighe

One of our client’s installed Warranty Information Reporting (WIR) within the c:\windows\system32 directory and it was giving them the following error every time they attempted to run it:

System32 Directory Error

When I clicked on “Yes,” I was taken to which documented Shim errors for .Net. This led me to doing a lot of work trying to verify that the correct version of .Net was installed and enabled on the machine producing this error.

The actual solution, however, was much simpler. The application was located in the System32 directory, which is a protected folder, so when I moved the application to an unprotected folder (C:\Program Files\Enhansoft), Warranty Information Reporting worked as expected.

If you find that you are getting a similar error, my recommendation would be to first verify that you are not trying to run an application from a protected directory.

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