SMS Def Mof Recompile

Have you ever wondered why your expected information is not being returned after you modify the sms_def.mof in System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (ConfigMgr)?

Unfortunately, I’ve been in this situation before. You modify the sms_def.mof and by accident you have a typo or you duplicate the MOF edit which causes a failure. You won’t know a failure happened until well after the edit, so what happens?

Once an error is detected, a backup of the bad sms_def.mof is created. Then, a restoration from the previous sms_def.mof backup is performed. This essentially loads the last known working configuration of the sms_def.mof.

Another change to the sms_def.mof is detected and another recompile attempt is performed.

You end up with this:

Code 0x0

The restored sms-def.mof recompiles. The conversion process returns with a code of 0x0, which denotes a successful conversion.

How do you check to see what the error was? Take a look at the Dataldr.log. In this case it was a parsing error.

Parsing Error

Moral of the story, try to avoid typos and duplicate MOF edits!

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