Should Configuration Manager SSRS or ASP Reports be Accessed from the Browser or the Console?


By Garth Jones

Recently I was asked to troubleshoot a problem about an error message appearing when System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (CM12) reports were accessed from a remote console.

Although this doesn’t solve the problem directly, my recommendation was to tell them to stop accessing reports, whether SSRS or ASP (CM07), from the console. In my opinion, the browser is the best option for viewing reports.

There are several good reasons why you should always use the browser:

•Running reports (SSRS or ASP in CM07) via the CM console consumes additional memory on both the client PC and the SMS provider server.

•It is slower to run reports via the console.

•Not all reports run exactly the same way in the console versus browsers (such as IE); you can see this issue particularly with custom SSRS reports that drill down from one report to another.

•Finally, what I think is the most important reason you shouldn’t access reports from the console: Do you really want to train a Manager on how to use the console? Wouldn’t using a browser be the far easier thing to do?

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this matter, so send me a tweet @Enhansoft.

Browser vs Console

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