September’s Free ConfigMgr Report is Most Vulnerable Computers Online


Thank you to everyone who voted in last month’s poll. The winning report, with 83% of the vote, is Most Vulnerable Computers Online, so it becomes September’s free report!

Make sure to request your copy of this month’s free report by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft today!

The Most Vulnerable Computers Online report is a two-part dashboard report. The first part returns a summary of the online status for computers within a collection as follows:

-Not Seen (Inactive ConfigMgr client or no ConfigMgr client)

-Offline (Active client, but currently not connected to ConfigMgr)

-Online (Active client connected to ConfigMgr)

The second part displays the top 25 vulnerable computers currently online for a collection based on missing patches. This allows administrators to focus their remediation efforts on active computers.

This report is configured to auto-refresh every 5 minutes. ConfigMgr 2012 R2 or later is required.

Most Vulnerable Computers Online

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