SCCM 2007 Conversion Tool for ASP Report: Count Operating Systems and Service Packs

Thank you to everyone who contacted us about native Microsoft SCCM 2007 ASP reports that don’t convert correctly to SSRS reports.
We were asked to fix Count operating systems and service packs, so this is the latest free conversion tool that you can download from our website.
What we did:

  • Added chart with drill-through
  • Fixed drill-through to work on the whole line and not just the first column
  • Added color matching between the chart and table
  • Updated the query to convert Service Packs with NULL data to ‘- RTM -‘
  • Very minimal changes to SQL to allow for it to work within SQL BI tool
  • Updated footer
  • Set datasource to one that can be used by SQL BI, this will get reset to the MS datasource on installation
  • Some SQL formatting to allow for easier readability

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