Reporting Services Point Tip

The other day, I was testing out System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (boy is that a mouth full, so let’s use CM12 instead) with SQL 2012 SP1 and installing a reporting services point in CM12.

Since this was one of my test labs, I didn’t want to remove my other RSP, so I installed a second RSP instead. Yes, many of my test labs have more than one RSP, particularly in CM07! I like CM07 because I can have different reports on each RSP.

You might ask why I do this, well the answer is simple, it allows me to test a report against lots of different versions of SSRS in one test lab!

The other reason why you might want to do this is to “hide” special reports from the general masses.

Although I have never tested this (I’ve added it to my list of things to test), you might be able to setup different languages on each RSP. If anyone has tested this, I would love to hear about any “gotchas.” You can send a tweet to @GarthMJ or @Enhansoft to get a hold of me.

Happy Reporting!

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