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OS Deployment Dashboard

The OS Deployment Dashboard is found within Enhansoft Reporting’s Dashboard category. This category of dashboards and reports will provide you with more detailed metrics about your System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) environment. Many of the dashboards and reports are designed to allow the SCCM/ConfigMgr administrator to review the health status and additional metrics of the SCCM/ConfigMgr environment without having to access the console.

This particular report is designed to mimic the OS Deployment Home Page within the Configuration Manager console by making it easier to read and understand.

Additionally, you can setup an email subscription to this report. Setting-up a subscription will allow the report to be emailed at scheduled times. This feature is also available with a number of Enhansoft Reporting’s dashboards/reports. For more details about how to setup an email subscription, please see this post, How to Set-up an Email Subscription in SSRS.

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OS Deployment Dashboard