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The report choices in January’s poll are: Computer Adobe Details OR Count of PCs by Wakeup Types.
a) In the Computer Adobe Details report you will see information about the Adobe SKU and license type installed on a specific PC.
Computer Adobe Details
In the full-feature set, this is the final drill through report from List of PCs by Adobe License Type and List of PCs by Adobe SKU.
b) Count of PCs by Wakeup Types, as its name suggests, returns a count of PCs by wakeup type. This is important to know because it allows you to understand how the PCs within your environment are turned on. This can be significant, for example, if you have not had a recent power outage, but you find that a lot of your PCs are “AC Power Restored.” This could be an indication that these PCs are not being used.
Count of PCs by Wakeup Types
In the full-feature set, this report will drill through to List of PCs by Wakeup Type, which in turn will drill through to a further report, Computer System Details.
All of our reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that if you are using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, these reports will work with all RBA clients. Don’t worry if you are not using SCCM 2012 R2 because you can still run these reports as usual.
Don’t forget to contact Info AT Enhansoft to request January’s free SSRS report, Computer Software Update Details by Classification.
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