Query for High-Priority Software Updates

By Garth Jones

The other day I was helping someone within the forums locate high-priority software updates. I thought others would find this information useful too, so here are the how-to steps. By the way, I’m using ConfigMgr Current Branch in my example, but the steps are essentially the same for ConfigMgr 2012/R2 and 2007.

Start by opening the ConfigMgr console and browse to the All Software Updates node. Click the Add Criteria link (blue arrow).

Query High-Priority Software Updates-Add Criteria

Select the Severity check box and then click the Add button.

Query High-Priority Software Updates-Severity

Click the Important link and change it to Critical. Add any other criteria that you require, and then click the Search button.

Query High-Priority Software Updates-Important 

Review the search results prior to deploying these software updates to client computers.

Query High-Priority Software Updates-Search

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