Monitor Information Reporting (MIR)

MIR is now part of Enhansoft Reporting v6.xx


Enhansoft’s MIR software sends your monitor inventory data to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) which immediately processes it, so you can start tracking monitors as assets. In addition, MIR’s scrub feature cleans up expired monitor data, simplifying the process even more. MIR helps you to better plan refresh cycles, so you make more efficient use of your monitors.

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Comprehensive Reports

MIR’s powerful engine delivers comprehensive reports to System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) in less than one hour.

Know the make, model, serial number, manufactured date, screen size, power management options, and other important features of each monitor.

Comes with 23 Built-in SSRS Reports.
Some of the SSRS reports included are:

  • Computer Monitor Details
  • Count of Monitor States
  • Count of Monitors by Power Management Setting
  • Current Resolution Dashboard
  • List of Monitors by Active State
  • List of Monitors by Current Resolution
  • List of Monitors by Partial Serial Number
  • List of Monitors by Power Management Setting
  • Percentage of Computers with One or More Monitor

User friendly operating

Aside from integrating with SCCM Current Branch, SCCM 2012 (R2) and SCCM 2007, MIR produced reports are inter-active, and can be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, TIFF, Web Archive, and XML file formats. They are also pre-sized, so they can be printed easily on standard-sized paper.

MIR’s reporting function empowers you to make the most effective decisions about managing your organization’s monitors. In addition, because MIR gives you data on which monitors use the least amount of power, you can plan for cost-saving energy efficiencies.

Enhansoft aims to make tracking the life cycle of each IT asset on the network as easy and efficient as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

1: Do I need to input any information into ConfigMgr about my monitors before Monitor Information Reporting will work?

 You don’t need to do a thing. Simply install Monitor Information Reporting and your monitor data will automatically populate our reports.

2: How long do I need to wait before I see reports about serial numbers, make and model information, etc.?

Results are almost immediate.

3: Doesn’t ConfigMgr’s hardware inventory already give me the information I need about my monitors?


4: The lease on our monitor equipment is almost up and I need to locate a few monitors. Will Monitor Information Reporting help?

Yes. Watch this video and see how easy it is to use partial serial numbers to locate monitors.

  • "I can honestly say that on the first day we installed Monitor Information Reporting it was able to provide us with exactly what we needed, mismatched sets and all! The other option was walking around and taking a physical inventory. Great product!"

    John Marcum, Sr. Desktop Architect, Legal Sector
  • "MIR enables complete logging of accurate display asset inventory information that is critical for my customers that are looking to gain a handle on their display asset management and lifecycle."

    Shawn Porter, Consultant

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