Package Status Report


This month we will be introducing each SQL Reporting Service (SSRS) report before voting begins on the free report give-away.  A reminder that all of these SSRS reports and many, many, more are found in Enhansoft’s Enhanced Web Reporting.  Tomorrow we will preview the second choice for April’s free SSRS report give-away.
Enhansoft’s Package Status Report
This report enhances Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager’s Package Status information by using color-coded identifiers to help users quickly determine package problems.
Three major color enhancements:
RED – indicates that the deployment of the package failed on one or more Distribution Points (DPs).
YELLOW – indicates that deployment is retrying on one or more DPs.
LIGHT RED – indicates that the target number of DPs does not match the number of installed DPs.
In addition to these three major color enhancements, grey and white are also employed to make reading the report easier.
In the example below the Dell Package is retrying.

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