My First Day Using Monitor Information Reporting (MIR)

A few weeks ago the company I work for purchased Monitor Information Reporting. Within minutes after installing Monitor Information Reporting I started to see results. The data returned in one of the built-in SSRS reports, List of PCs with Multiple Active Monitors, caught my eye. I noticed a number of computers with mismatched monitors which I thought we didn’t have, so I contacted Enhansoft Support right away. In the meantime I also reached out to our techs and I found out that they put out mismatched sets of monitors with different sizes (21”, 23”, etc.) all the time. “Never mind,” I told Enhansoft Support.

I can honestly say that on the first day we installed Monitor Information Reporting it was able to provide us with exactly what we needed (mismatched sets and all!). The other option was walking around and taking a physical inventory. Great product!

-By John Marcum. John is an MVP and Sr. Desktop Architect who works in the legal sector.

List of PCs with Multiple Active Monitors

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