Microsoft Office 2010 EWR Reports


Enhansoft’s Enhanced Web Reporting – EWR continues to grow.  In July we told you how we added new reports to give you more details about SQL server licenses within your environment and that we added the Metric Dashboard series.
Today we would like to announce that we have added a Microsoft Office 2010 category.
These reports will enhance your understanding of your Microsoft Office 2010 environment.
Reports in the Microsoft Office 2010 series include:
1) Count of Office SKU (Office 2010)
2) List of PCs By Office SKU (Office 2010)
3) Count of Office License Type (Office 2010)
4) List of PCs By Office License Type (Office 2010)
5) Count of Office Release Version (Office 2010)
6) List of PCs By Office Release Version (Office 2010)
7) Microsoft Office Details 2010 (for a Computer)
Over the next few days we will preview each of these reports.

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