Microsoft Connect and Page Not Found Error Message

By Garth Jones

Every so often I will post a link to a Microsoft Connect item with the suggestion to vote it up. However, a few people tell me that they receive a Page Not Found error message when clicking on these links.

MSFT Connect - Error Message

This message appears when you are not registered to Microsoft Connect or do not subscribe to the appropriate Connect directory items.

To solve this problem, browse to

Make sure that you register by clicking on the dashboard link in the menu and following the instructions.

MSFT Connect - Dashboard

Once that is done, go back to and click on the directory menu item.

MSFT Connect - Directory

In the search text box enter the word configuration and click on the search button.

MSFT Connect - Search

The search result will return two items, but in this instance only click on the join button for ConfigMgr Open Beta Program (the second choice).

MSFT Connect - Posted Items

Once you have completed these steps you can see any Microsoft Connect item posted in this directory.

MSFT Connect - Status Active

Most importantly, when you now click on the link to any of the Connect items that are posted in the ConfigMgr Open Beta Program directory you will no longer get a Page Not Found error message.

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