Management Point Usage

May 2020’s free Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr/SCCM/MEMCM) giveaway is the Management Point Usage report. This report is available in both Power BI and SSRS formats.

Management Point Usage

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Working from home (WFH) is now commonplace, so many ConfigMgr administrators are rushing to set up cloud management gateway (CMG) in order to manage ConfigMgr clients on the internet. Once CMG is set up, however, how can you confirm the number of clients that are properly configured? What about the number of ConfigMgr clients on your Management Points (MPs)? BTW – If you know the number of ConfigMgr clients on your MPs, it helps with knowing how many ConfigMgr clients are (still) coming in via VPN or direct access. Do you want to understand the trends of ConfigMgr clients connecting to MPs, or do you simply want to plan downtime? Unfortunately, there are no current built-in ConfigMgr reports that can assist you.

Solution: Management Point Usage

Enhansoft is here to help! Last year, the Management Point Usage report was June’s giveaway, but in light of current world events, we felt it was necessary to give this report away, again, because we know many people are looking for help in this area. In addition, we created a new Power BI report and added it to the giveaway set!

Enhansoft’s Management Point Usage report leverages the real-time data collected each hour by ConfigMgr current branch 1810 or later. It displays the daily maximum, average and minimum usage of each management point (MP) type over a specific date range.

You can now understand trends in your environment better. When you know exactly how many ConfigMgr clients are connecting to a MP or the CMG (or even IBCM – if you still have that!) and when this number is at its lowest, you can plan downtime. You can also tell if your clients are still using VPN/direct access for ConfigMgr management.

In the SSRS version, by default, this report displays the last 14-days of usage for the three different MP types, however, you can choose any date range or MP type you want. You can filter out various MP types with the MP type prompt and see only the MPs that you want to learn more about. You can also filter out what daily value (Max, Avg, or Min) is displayed.

In the Power BI version, you can use the highlight option to highlight the MP type, and you can select the date range with the slicer option.

MP Types

· CMG (cloud management gateway)

· IBCM (internet-based client management)

· MP (the standard ConfigMgr management point)

Note: When the CMG and IBCM management points are not implemented, the result of zero (0) is listed within the chart. This also means that their graph lines might overlap with the baseline (as is shown in the report screenshots below).

Power BI

Management Point Usage - Power BI


Management Point Usage - SSRS

Management Point Usage

Enhansoft Reporting – Management Point Usage

Management Point Usage is found within Enhansoft Reporting’s Configuration Manager Site category. This category provides you with detailed dashboards and reports about your ConfigMgr environment. Many of the dashboards and reports in this category are designed to allow a ConfigMgr Administrator to review the health and status of their ConfigMgr environment without having to access the console. You can even have these dashboards and reports emailed to administrators at scheduled times!

The full report set for Management Point Usage includes a companion report, Management Point Daily Usage.

Would you find it useful to plan downtime or understand the trends of client MP connections in your ConfigMgr environment? Then get Management Point Usage NOW!

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All of our free reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that whether you are using Configuration Manager Current Branch or System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, these reports will work with all RBA settings.

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