Last Day to Request June 2017’s Free ConfigMgr Report


Today’s the last day! Make sure to request your copy of June 2017’s free ConfigMgr report, Asset Intelligence Computer Details, by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft.

The Asset Intelligence Computer Details report is a brand new report! This report is designed to fill-in the gap created by ConfigMgr’s built-in AI reports.

We heard that you wanted to see both the normalized and true product name software titles in one report, so you’ve got it! If you’re asking why you would need this information the answer is simple. Have you ever tried to determine who has SQL Server 2016 Management Studio (SSMS) only to discover that the normalized name is Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (all components) which not only includes SSMS, but also SQL Server Configuration Manager, SQL Server Data Tools, etc.? It’s impossible to know from the built-in AI reports who has SSMS without writing your own query, so we saved you the trouble!

The Asset Intelligence Computer Details report will also display each title’s software category and software family. This information will help you better understand what each product does. For any software items with no date, the result 1980-02-14 will be displayed.

By the way, this report will be the final drill-through report in a set of three reports. It is so new that it isn’t even a part of Enhanced Web Reporting – yet! Let us know what you would like to see in the report-set by dropping us a line on Facebook, Twitter or emailing EWRwish At Enhansoft.

Asset Intelligence Computer Details

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