Last Chance to Request October’s Free SSRS Report and to Vote for November’s Free SSRS Report!

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Don’t forget to request your copy of this month’s free SSRS report, List of PCs by Installed Year and Month, by simply emailing Info AT Enhansoft. This is the last day!
And, if you haven’t voted yet, make sure that you VOTE in our poll to decide which report becomes November’s free SSRS report. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow!
As of this morning, Package Action Details is ahead with 70% of the vote. The choices are: Count of PCs by Wakeup Types OR Package Action Details. Read more about these reports.
October’s Free SSRS Report:
List of PCs by Installed Year and Month
List of PCs by Installed Year and Month will provide you with a list of each PC with a particular install year and month of your choosing. There are various reasons for knowing this information from understanding, at a very basic level, a PC’s life-cycle, to tracking down installed images. Additionally this information allows you to potentially locate a PC with a particular OS image based on the year and month.
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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