Keeping Track of Software Updates by Using SSRS Reports

By Suzanne Tighe

It seems that every time I am talking to a Configuration Manager Admin, the sore subject of software updates comes up and the difficulty they have in managing these updates to ensure compliancy!

With that in mind, Enhansoft’s Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification report is a report that we designed to give a very high-level view of where your system sits in regards to compliancy. We also added the ability to find more detailed information from this report with a few simple clicks!

Let’s say, for example, we look at George’s (a very royal fella) system below:

Uninstalled Critical Updates

He would like to know the status of all the Critical Updates that he deployed. Upon seeing that he has 21.4% of these updates not installed, he then clicks on the red slice of the pie as he wishes to see a list of the updates that are missing.

Count of PCs Missing Software Updates by Classification

Once he dynamically sorts by PC Count, he is able to see which update is missing on the most number of PCs. He then drills down further from this report to view a list of the PCs that are missing this particular update.

List of PCs with a Particular Software Update

Once George downloads the updates and deploys them to the specific PCs, his system will become compliant!

After all of the updates are deployed, George runs Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification again and gets this much better result. 100% of his updates are installed!

Installed Critical Updates

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