July 2017’s Free ConfigMgr Dashboard Set is Dot Net Versions


Thank you to everyone who voted in last month’s poll! The winner is: .NET Versions. .NET ended up with 66.7% of the vote!
Make sure to request your copy of July 2017’s free System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) dashboard set by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft today!
July - dotNet - Winner
The dashboard set includes:
Count of .NET Versions
This dashboard will provide you with a high-level overview of the .NET versions installed in your environment, limited to a collection. From here you can then drill-through to the next report, List of Computers by .NET Version.
List of Computers by .NET Version
This report will provide you with details about which computers have a .NET version in a given collection. You can then drill-through to Computer Details for .NET to get computer-specific details.
Computer Details for .NET
This is the final report within this dashboard set. It will provide you with details about the specific versions of .NET installed on a computer.
The setup for this dashboard set will do all of the work for you! It will edit the MOFs as needed and import the dashboard set into SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
First the setup creates all of the necessary items needed to allow ConfigMgr to inventory .NET through ConfigMgr hardware inventory. Logging each step as it goes along, after the hardware inventory process is completed, the setup creates the dashboard and accompanying reports.
Shortly thereafter your clients will start reporting the results to ConfigMgr. This is where the dashboard set shines as you will be able to see not only who has .NET, but what versions are installed on each computer.
As with all Enhanced Web Reporting reports, this dashboard set will work with ConfigMgr Current Branch all the way back down to 2007 R2. It will also work on any version of SSRS from 2016 to SSRS 2008.
Knowing what version of .NET is installed in your environment will help with security and compatibility issues. As a bonus, once the .NET version details are inventoried, you can create a collection, similar to any other hardware inventory item. This will allow you to easily deploy updates or upgrade .NET on computers with various versions of .NET installed.
Unlike our previous free reports, this time the dashboard set was created after the poll closed! If you’d like to review the design process, take a look on Twitter using the hashtag #BuildSCCMDashboards.
Did you vote for the IE dashboard set? Would you like to see it created some time in the near future? Let us know by Twitter, Google+, Facebook or email. Depending on the response we get, it could be on the drawing board sooner than you think!
Don’t forget to vote for this month’s giveaway too!

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