How to Determine the Locale of SSRS Reports in SCCM 2012

By Garth Jones

I ran into this issue when I was trying to convert one of our existing SSRS software update reports to CM12 R2 by enabling the RBA feature.

Lately, I have become quite adept at converting CM12 SSRS reports for use with RBA in CM12 R2, so after doing a bit of research I discovered that there are a few steps to determine the locale.

By the way, these steps work with both CM12 and CM12 R2.

  1. Create an internal prompt called locale
  2. Set the default value to =User!Language
  3. Add the following T-SQL at the beginning of your query:

                              Declare @lcid as int

                              set @lcid = dbo.fn_LShortNameToLCID(@locale)

  1. Use the @lcid variable anytime you need the locale details.


It’s not obvious, but I made the following screenshot as I was converting one of our software update reports:

Determine the Locale-Report Parameters

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