How to Change the SSRS Datasource

When a SSRS report is created a data source (DS) is used to create and test the report. This DS may not exist on your SSRS site therefore you will need to point it to a DS that does exist on your site. Use these steps to re-point the DS to an existing DS.

· Connect to your SSRS site

· Browse to the appropriate folder

· Click the report you want to change data source for

· Click the Properties tab

· Click the Data Sources link on the left


· Click the Browse button

· Expand Home | <Your SSRS folder name> until you find the shared data source you are looking for


· Select the data source

Note: {5C6358F2-4BB6-4a1b-A16E-8D96795D8602} is the default ConfigMgr data source

· Click OK (You might need to scroll down to see the OK button.)


· Click Apply button


· Click the View tab to ensure that that report works correctly.


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