Make sure to drop by the Enhansoft Booth #427 either today or tomorrow to receive your very own copy of the Site Health Status Report.

Do you know your system’s site health? Save time and trouble by running this report.

With this report you will be able to very quickly tell the status of your Configuration Manager Backups, Components, WSUS Synchronization and Package Deployments.

Each area of concern is listed in order of importance and each status (Good, Warning, Potential Error, and Error) is colour-coded for easy reference.

If the Site Health Status Report detects one or more issues within Configuration Manager Backups, Components, WSUS Synchronization or Package Deployments, the colour-coding displayed will either be yellow, pink or red.

From this overall picture of your site health, you can drill through to detailed reports about each area of concern to see what is happening and then begin your trouble-shooting.

Here are sample screenshots of Site Health Status Report:

Site Health Status

List of WSUS Sync States by Site

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