Friday Funny–Meet Jack


At Enhansoft, asset inventory is the name of the game! So, to go along with my other passion, horses, I use our principles to “monitor,” “inventory,” and “report” on one of my favorite assets, Jack.
Meet Jack
Meet Jack
Jack is a 12-year-old Welsh pony who specializes in being an escape artist. By utilizing the comprehensive suite of products at Enhansoft, Configuration Manager’s many abilities, SSRS reporting capabilities and an RFID chip, I was able to “monitor” his location, track the “warranty” of his current enclosure and “report” on the status of both his location and enclosure!
Jack in his StallJack in the Paddock
Jack trying to Escaping PaddockJack Escaping the Paddock
Jack Running Away
Dashboard Farm StatusJacks Status
With Enhansoft’s fully automated suite of products I am able to track Jack’s position from the comfort of my desk. It looks like there will be no blue ribbon for Jack today!!!

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