Free Software Update SSRS Reports at MMS – Drop-by Enhansoft Booth #731

At the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013, we are giving away two of our new software update SSRS reports. Make sure to drop-by our booth #731!

Here’s a summary of both reports:

Active Software Updates

This report returns a list of all active software updates within your site. Highlighted items in light red indicate that a particular software update is superseded. The Superseded By column provides details as to which software update is superseded. Use the interactive features of this report to re-sort information as you see fit. To understand more about each software update, a link is embedded in each row to give you more details about the article and bulletin.

Active Software Updates

Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification

This high level report captures the overall percentage of missing software updates in your site. View results by collection, the deployed state of software updates, and by software update classification.

Using three different report parameters, you select the collection to display, the software update deployed state, and the software update classification you want to view.

Use the collection report parameter to select which device collection to display results for, i.e. All Systems Collection.

The deployed state report parameter allows you to select the deployed state of the software update. The deployed states are:

  • Yes – The effected software update is deployed within your environment
  • No – The effected software update is NOT deployed within your environment
  • Both

The classification report parameter enables you to select which software update classification to display within the report. The update classifications, listed in order of severity, are: Critical Updates, Security Updates, Definition Updates, Service Packs, Update Roll-ups, Updates, Tools, and Feature Packs. Click here to read more about update classifications.

The defaults for this report are set as follows:

  • Collection: All Systems
  • Deployed State: Yes
  • Classification: None Selected (you will have to choose the classification)

Overall Missing Software Update Status by Classification

In the full-feature set you can click on any pie chart wedge, to drill through to further detailed reports.

We hope to see you soon!

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