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The team at Enhansoft, back in 2014, decided that we should help promote the Configuration Manager (MEMCM/SCCM/ConfigMgr) community by posting monthly “Follow Friday” (#FF) tweets. I also did my part, in promoting the community, whenever I was asked to give presentations. At the end of all of my slide decks, I always listed who to follow on Twitter for that particular topic. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, there was only room for a handful of people. Anyone that I mentioned in my slide decks, however, also made it onto our #FF tweet list!

Follow Friday Tweet - Sandy Tsang

What is Follow Friday?

The idea behind a #FF tweet is to recommend to your followers someone else they should be following. It could be a person or an organization. Not only should you point to a specific account, but it is nice to say why you are recommending others to follow them too. This way everyone understands why they should be following someone else. If you want to know more about the history of “Follow Friday,” there are many articles out there, but here is one blog post that I like on the subject.

What Are the Hashtags for Follow Friday?

There are basically two hashtags for “Follow Friday.” The long-form #FollowFriday and the short-form #FF. Most often, we use the short-form.

Follow Friday Tweet - Kenny Buntinx

As I mentioned earlier, Enhansoft has posted monthly #FF tweets for a while now. Sometimes we get asked for a list of who we recommended in the past, so I decided to put this information together for you and list all of the tweets going back to 2014. Keep in mind that the reasons for the recommendation may have changed since these tweets were originally posted, but I think this information is still helpful.

If this is something you find useful, let us know, either in the comment section below or in a tweet @Enhansoft or @GarthMJ and I can see us updating this information on an annual basis.

ConfigMgr Follow Friday Tweets

wdt_ID Name Twitter Tweet Last #FF Post
1 Martyn Coupland #FF @mrcoups He publishes good #SCCM #configmgr information in his newsletters! 28/11/2014
2 Jörgen Nilsson #FF Jörgen Nilsson @ccmexec - he's a Swedish #ConfigMgr #SCCM MVP who knows his stuff! 12/12/2014
3 Greg Ramsey #FF @ramseyg is a #ConfigMgr admin responsible for over 30K PCs, so has good insights on large environments! #SCCM 09/01/2015
4 Chris Nackers #FF @chrisnack He's a #configmgr MVP (Enterprise Client Management) heavily into OSD. #SCCM 20/02/2015
5 Jason Sandys #FF @JasonSandys Jason has a great #configmgr 2012 startup script! #SCCM 17/04/2015
6 Gerry Hampson #FF @GerryHampson If you are looking for #Intune answers, Gerry's your guy! #SCCM #ConfigMgr 24/04/2015
7 Jeff Gilbert Want the latest #configmgr #Intune #ECM doc details? Then #FF @JeffGilb #sccm 22/05/2015
8 Nickolaj Andersen #FF @NickolajA His newsletter always has interesting info, so check it out! #ConfigMgr #SCCM 05/06/2015
9 Nico Sienaert #FF Nico Sienaert @nsienaert He has a number of helpful step-by-step guides on his blog! #configmgr #SCCM 04/09/2015
10 Peter van der Woude #FF @pvanderwoude Looking for #ConfigMgr 2012 #powershell scripts? Check out Peter's blog. #SCCM 25/09/2015

Did we miss someone? Again, let us know either on Twitter @Enhansoft @GarthMJ or in the comments below!

Follow Friday Tweet - Kenny Buntinx

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