February 2017’s Free ConfigMgr Report is Comparison of Installed Software


Thank you to everyone who voted in January’s poll! The winning report, with an overwhelming 84% of the vote, is Comparison of Installed Software. This report now becomes February 2017’s free ConfigMgr report!

Make sure to request your copy of February 2017’s free ConfigMgr report by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft today.

The Comparison of Installed Software report compares the installed software between two computers; a primary computer (called the Base PC) and a secondary computer (called the Comparison PC). Only software that is installed on the Comparison PC and is missing from the Base PC will be listed in this report along with the location and date of the installed software.

This report is useful in order to troubleshoot a non-working computer (Base PC) by comparing it to another computer (Comparison PC).

Comparison of Installed Software ConfigMgr Report

Stay tuned because tomorrow we will preview the reports in this month’s poll!

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