September 9, 2015
What type of report can I request?

The sky is the limit! Here is one example. What would you like to see? Talk to us!

September 8, 2015
How do I get started with Custom Inventory Reporting?

Easy, contact us and we will talk to you about your needs.

August 14, 2015
How often do you update each product?

Over the course of a year we make a number of updates to each product. Most updates to Warranty Information Reporting (WIR) will not be readily visible to customers. These…

How long do I need to wait before I see reports start to populate?

Results are almost immediate.

Do I need to input any information into SCCM before Enhansoft Reporting or Warranty Information Reporting will work?

You don’t need to do a thing. Simply install Enhansoft Reporting, and Warranty Information Reporting, and your ConfigMgr data will automatically populate our reports.

Why do you sell these products as part of Enhanced Asset Management Suite?

You can take advantage of our most enticing discounts by purchasing both products together.

What software products make up Enhanced Asset Management Suite?

Enhansoft Reporting and Warranty Information Reporting.

If I want to know when a specific PC or server warranty expires, won’t I still need to visit each machine?

No. Check out our video to see how easy it is to remotely connect to any PC or server.

Besides warranties, can I also use Warranty Information Reporting to tell me the age of my PCs?

Yes. There are two reports, Count of PCs by Age and List of PCs by Age which will help to tell you about the age of your PC inventory.

I see a lot of free scripts about how to collect warranty information, so how does Warranty Information Reporting compare?

Unlike free scripts which come with no guarantees, our team is constantly proactive to ensure that you’re always getting accurate results.