Extra Value Prompts Added to List of PCs by Age Report

One of our Warranty Information Reporting customers asked us if we could update the List of PCs by Age report. Instead of generating reports for each year, they wanted to be able to see what PCs were 3 years of age and older, 4 years of age and older, and 5 years of age and older. We thought this was a great idea too. They told us that by seeing all of these PCs within one report they could better plan their PC refresh cycle, so we added more value prompts!

Here’s what they had to say, “Yes that is incredible, exactly what we needed! Thanks very much as this will make our refresh planning easier.” –Ian Russell, Manager, Corporate IT, Hospitality Industry.

List of PCs by Age - Extra Value Prompts

If you have any questions about Warranty Information Reporting and any of the updates we made to our List of PCs by Age report, please feel free to contact us, leave a note in the comment section below, or send a tweet to @Enhansoft.

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