Enhance Web Reporting – Microsoft Office 2010 Series


Last week we announced that the SSRS report, Microsoft Office Details 2010, was one of the options that you could vote for to become December’s winning free SSRS report.  You still have time to vote as the poll will close on November 30.
Did you know that this is a report found in Enhansoft’s brand new Microsoft Office 2010 Series
This series was added to Enhanced Web Reporting – EWR in September as part of our on-going commitment to help you report on and better understand your software inventory.
The reports found in this series will enhance your understanding of your Microsoft Office 2010 environment.
Reports in the Microsoft Office 2010 series include:
1) Count of Office SKU (Office 2010)

Which will drill through to:

2) List of PCs By Office SKU (Office 2010)
3) Count of Office License Type (Office 2010)

Which will drill through to:

4) List of PCs By Office License Type (Office 2010)
5) Count of Office Release Version (Office 2010)

Which will drill through to:

6) List of PCs By Office Release Version (Office 2010)
The final drill through report from all of the above-noted “List” reports is:
7) Microsoft Office Details 2010 (for a Computer)
If you have suggestions on how we can further help you keep track of your software inventory or other IT assets, please contact info@www.enhansoft.com.

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