Enabling the Ruler within BIDS or SSDT

The disabled ruler feature within SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) (post SQL 2005) is one of my pet peeves! Whenever I use BIDS or SSDT I have to enable the ruler and I find this very frustrating.

Since I don’t use BIDS (post SQL 2005) or SSDT that often, I sometimes spend at least an hour searching online to find out where the ruler setting is hiding.

You would think that it would be straight forward (Tools | Options Menu), but it isn’t.

To save you from this frustration, as well as my future self, I am putting down once and for all these crucial steps.

Go to Report | View | Ruler. That’s it!

Enabling the Ruler - Report - View - Ruler

Once the ruler is enabled, you can ensure that your report will fit on a standard-sized page.

Enabling the Ruler - Ruler Enabled

Unfortunately, what makes this even more annoying is that the ruler needs to be enabled EACH TIME you edit a report!

If you are as annoyed with this as I am, please vote up my suggestion on Visual Studio User Voice!

Enabling the Ruler

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