Enabling the Interactive Sorting Feature in SSRS Reports


As promised in yesterday’s blog post, today I will show you how to enable the interactive sorting feature in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report.
The objective will be to enable the interactive sorting feature in all of the columns in the above report. Notice that at the moment there are no arrow buttons (gold arrows) to sort the columns.
Start by opening your SSRS report in SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), and then right-click the column header box where you want to enable the interactive sorting feature. In this example it is the Share Name column (gold arrow).
Next, select the Properties option.
On the Interactive Sort tab, check the Add an interactive sort action to this textbox box and then select the appropriate column in the drop down box.
Finally, click the OK button and you are done. Repeat these steps for each column that you want the interactive sorting feature to be available.
Now notice that when I run the same report, each column has the interactive sorting option (gold arrows).
Tomorrow we will post a video on how to use the interactive sorting feature and the search feature in SSRS reports.

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