Don’t Forget to Request September’s Free SSRS Report & Vote for October’s Free SSRS Report!

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Make sure to send an email to Info at Enhansoft to request this month’s free report, List of PCs by Month and Advertisement Status. This report was the overwhelming favorite in last month’s poll, receiving 85% of the vote!
Also, don’t forget to VOTE HERE to help decide which report will become October’s free SSRS report. Currently, List of PCs by Installed Year and Month is leading with 76% of the vote over Count of Office Edition Types (Office 2003). Read more about the reports in this month’s poll.
Here’s more information about September’s free SSRS report:
List of PCs by Month and Advertisement Status will provide you with a list of PCs with a certain advertisement status (Accepted – No Further Status, Cancelled, Failed, No Status, Succeeded, Waiting, Reboot Pending, and Otherwise) during a particular 30-day period. This information is useful when troubleshooting client advertisement issues, and to ensure that you have successfully deployed applications. A report like this could take you anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to create.
List of PCs by Month and Advertisement Status

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