Do Multiple Monitors Boost Productivity?

I have used multiple monitors for years and I can say that it is truly a life-saver for me. As many of you know, I’m the Senior Developer here at Enhansoft. I find that by using three different monitors, I save lots of time and am more productive because I’m not always switching from application to application.

My center monitor is always my primary monitor. I use this one for most of my work. Then I use another monitor to check the output of an application run, while the source code is displayed on the primary monitor. A third monitor is used to open email or CMTrace. This way I can always keep an eye on things.

Multiple Monitors Boost Productivity

This picture is actually from my colleague’s desk (his was cleaner than mine at the time this photo was taken!), but I have a similar setup to him.

It turns out that I’m not alone in believing that multiple monitors are beneficial. Dell agrees too. In their whitepaper, Dual Monitors Boost Productivity, User Satisfaction, they state, “The research results prove, overwhelmingly, that dual-monitor configurations save time and increase accuracy among workers.”

In my opinion, if you want to be more productive then you need at least a dual monitor setup. For more details, please see the Dell whitepaper,

Do you use multiple monitors? Do you love it? Let me know @stighe12 @Enhansoft

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