Distribution Point (DP) Health Reports

I’m sometimes asked about how we come up with reporting ideas. Well, our ideas often come from YOU! For example, not long ago I was talking to a client about how Enhanced Web Reporting (EWR) is being used within their environment. During this meeting, it was pointed out that they were looking for a dashboard to help track issues involving several hundred distribution points (DPs) across the world.

We loved this idea and started working on a dashboard. In the screenshot below, our first kick at the can, you can clearly see the summary online status of DPs, any deployment issues with DPs and the overall free disk space of DPs. This dashboard is meant to help you understand and identify issues with your applications, software updates, and OS deployment packages to DPs.

DP Status Summary

This dashboard is still a work in progress and we are working with the client to ensure that the dashboard meets and surpasses (if possible) their expectations. If you would like a copy of this report, make sure to vote in this month’s poll. The winning report will become October’s free report.

As you know, a dashboard is almost useless without detailed reports, so we are working hard to create these too. At the end of this process we intend to have a complete set of DP health reports.

One of the primary goals of Enhansoft is to help you solve real-world problems, not to sell you products and services that you don’t need. So, what’s your ConfigMgr reporting problem?

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