December’s Free ConfigMgr Report is Computer Service Details


The voting was close all month-long, but in the end, the Computer Service Details report won November’s poll with 53% of the vote, so it becomes December’s free SCCM report.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our poll!

Make sure to request your copy of this month’s free ConfigMgr report by using your business address and emailing Info AT Enhansoft today.

The Computer Service Details report is useful when you need to quickly review the status of each service installed on a PC. For example, if you need to track down PCs that don’t have McAfee service installed, you can review the list of services that are installed on an individual PC to see if it has McAfee (or an alternate anti-virus software) before taking any action.

Computer Service Details

Stay tuned because tomorrow we will preview the reports in this month’s poll!

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